What is an anime cel ?

A cel, short for celluloid, is a transparent sheet with three holes on the upper part, on which characters are painted for traditional, 

hand-drawn animation. They are filmed and then put behind one another to give the illusion of a continuous motion.

Each anime cel is unique, hand made and coming from animation studios.

Anime cels have been used until 2000/2001. 

Yu Yu Hakusho Tokubetsu-hen - Staff Roll.mp3

My first anime cel bought from Wendy in 2006.

YYH production cel 

This yyh yusuke cel is also bought from Wendy.

YYH production cel

Yusuke Pan Cel

Celga = Celluloid = Cel = セル画

These four names represent the same thing. 

Harmony Cel (ハーモニーセル画)

It’s an anime cel representing a special or important moment in the story of an anime.

Pan Cel (大判 セル画)

It's an oversize anime cel. 

Hanken cel (版権セル画)

It’s an anime cel realized for the cover of the dvd, posters, trading cards…

Production cel vs Re-production cel

Cel that actually used in anime production are called * production cels. 

An reproduction cel is like a normal cel (hand-painted over a plastic sheet) but was created for promotional purpose or to be sold. 

They are limited edition and are not used in the production of the anime. 

Genga (原画)

Genga are drawing of important scenes made by senior animators. They are then used as model by other animators to draw douga. 

Genga and their drafts are much more valuable than douga.

Douga (動画)

Douga are the "usual" drawing that comes with many cels when you buy them. They are used to make the cels.

Doujin Celga (同人セル画)

Fan Cel

Cels that painted by fans like me ^.^ 

Studio Pierrot Official Repro cel 

Fan Cel YYH Yusuke

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